An Insider Look At Tile Flooring Trends In 2015- Broken Arrow

An Insider Look At Tile Flooring Trends In 2015- Broken Arrow

Tile floors have a lot going for them. They have good traction, are elegant and easy to clean as well. In addition, they are not susceptible to germs, long-lasting and can be easily customized to suit a client’s needs. Some tile flooring Broken Arrow like stone tiles and hardwood planks have always been timeless. But for those homeowners looking for fresh and trendy tile flooring, these tile trends in 2015 may just be the answer. Read on to find out which trend could work for you.


It’s all in the mosaic details

Mosaics have always been a significant part of design, especially architectural. In 2015, designers and homeowners are also embracing them in their houses. Their bold patterns and designs which come in different colors greatly boost floor design as well as the general design of the house.

Embracing the grays

Still a popular trend from previous years, gray floors is a great way to add sophistication to the general design. Great thing about them is that they work in any room; laundry room, entry way, bathroom or the kitchen. The choice is yours.

Matte matters

Traditionally, tile floors were given a polished or glossy finish. The demand for a more cozy and homey feel at home has however necessitated the shift to understated matte finish. Pairing the finish with gray colors works even better for a living room.

It comes naturally

Finding inspiration from the outdoors to design our interior spaces is trend that’s quickly picking up. There are several ways of achieving this including wall art, color schemes and now tile floors in Broken Arrow. There are several options including stone inspired floors that come in brown and cream tones. Tiles that feature natural imperfections as well as realistic shift of color are also trending this year.

Learn from geometry

Geometric designs are finding their way to tile floors this year. So why not embrace the trendy floors as well? Bold geometric designs such as chevron pattern floors are a great way to give a room a modern and subtle feel.


Tile flooring in Broken Arrow is an industry that is constantly evolving. And for homeowners and designers, this is a good thing. They get to glam up rooms in various designs by giving their floors a face lift with trendy floors. These tile floor trends in 2015 are the perfect solution for any homeowner looking to get a timeless design for your floor.